Our team is dedicated to a large range of books such as Sci-Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Adventures, Thriller, and Horror. Non-fiction books are also welcome.

We rarely take poetry or screenwriters unless you bring us an exceptional proposal.

It was 2016 since the opening in New York. Thanks to our talented authors, we were able to expand in countries of Europe such as Spain and the United Kingdom. We hope to keep on our expansion in more countries and next on our list is Russia.

We look forward to working with more international talented writers!

Do you have a book worth to publish? Send us an email with a query letter and the first ten pages of your book pasted on the body of the email, we do not open attached files unless we ask you.


I don’t think any other agency had been so dedicated like you!

Victoria Ewart

I am deeply thank you for believing in my work

Peter Goring



November / 2018

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June / 2018

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September / 2017

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